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The Wattle Trees are a Special Tile in Bloons Monkey City. Players must defeat 25 rounds of Bloons with only Boomerang Throwers, Road Spikes, and Pineapples. A free Boomerang Thrower is given on Round 1, and every three rounds after that. Completion awards $1000, 500 XP, and the Enchanted Boomerang Special Item.


Where the boomerangs come from, so pass 25 rounds with Boomerang Monkeys only. Get 1 Boomerang Thrower free every 3 rounds. Road Spikes and Pineapples allowed.

Wattle Trees Track


  • Comfortingly, no MOABs appear on a Wattle Trees tile.
  • Two Wattle Tree forests appear on a Bloons Monkey City map.
  • In the Closed Beta, the Wattle Trees could be very difficult to beat, provided there was sufficient distance from the starting point. There would be MOABs, BFBs, Round 1 Rainbows, and even Camo Ceramics, meaning that players needed both Bionic Boomers and either Glaive Lords or unrealistically massive numbers of Road Spikes and Pineapples.
  • The Wattle Trees tiles are generally the easiest Special Tiles in Bloons Monkey City due to the fact that there are only two possible tactics to use: Glaive Riccochet, and Bionic Boomer with Glaive Riccochet. Both are also naturally intuitive tactics.