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The Sticky Sap Plant is a Special Tile in Bloons Monkey City. Two Sticky Sap Flowers have glue around them which slows down Bloons. In addition, each has an ability which glues all Bloons on screen, and slowly pops them akin to a 1/4 Glue Gunner. Players must use these to survive 22 Rounds of Bloons which give about 1/3 cash per pop, which finish off with two MOABs. Completion grants $1000, 500 XP, 50 Bloonstones, and the Extra Sticky Substance, and allows the Superior Adhesive Factory to be placed on it.
Sticky Sap Plant Track


  • Ceramic Bloons can appear as early as Round 10 on this Special Tile.
  • Two Sticky Sap Plants appear on each map.
  • Sticky Sap Plants vary enormously in difficulty, from Easy to Impoppable.

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