Protector: Reclaiming the Throne
Protector - Reclaiming the Throne

Undefined ProtectorReleaseKongregate

Genre Fantasy
Defences 2
Levels 22
Other Attributes
Protector: Reclaiming the Throne is a TD game and the sequel to Protector by Undefined. This game is mainly an expansion of the previous, adding new concepts and continuing on the storyline. It was released on Kongregate on July 24, 2008.


After the events of the last game, the corruption had spread to such an extent that it had managed to successfully take over the entire kingdom by King Yakmar's mistake of destroying Omnious Shrines which had been cleansed from corruption. The player's role is now to liberate the kingdom, clearing each area one by one, by playing each of the 22 maps and beating them.


There are two base defences: Mages and Warriors. Each instance placed acquires XP; once enough is acquired, the unit levels up and can be given an upgrade. Depending on the rank in question, one of a number of things may be done:


Poison Necrosis Fighting Tshitlyth

Poison Necrosis Mage fighting a Tshitlyth.

There are two Legendary Upgrades: Necrosis, which increases a unit's damage based on its kill count, and Holy Light, which improves all of a unit's stats, as well as increasing its range.


The attackers are all creatures, undead, and people corrupted by the evil. Each individual attacker has one resistance and one weakness, for -50% and +50% damage for the affected elements respectively. All units also have HP, Armour, Gold, and XP values, (possibly) in addition to special conditions and immunities to either splash damage, Infect, Slow or Debuff.

Attackers can have one or multiple of Regenerating (regenerates health over time), Absorbing (the resistant element actually gives health), Flying (restricts attacks which can reach it), and Fast (moves faster).


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