The Precision Air Strike is a suicidal (though it is game-ending) flying boss in Canyon Defense 2 which always targets the player's base. It often appears in groups; in its first appearance on Wave 35 of Mission 13, the two bosses also have an Accelerating Shield.


While a Precision Air Strike is inbound, a rotating sign labelled "NUCLEAR STRIKE ALERT" will show up on the base. The unit itself takes the form of a large (approximately 1x2) ballistic missile, contrary to its name. Ironically, it has slow movement accompanied by immense health, the latter making its destruction a challenge. When destroyed, the Precision Air Strike explodes in a large (2x2, which is as large as the base itself) but harmless explosion. If it does reach the base, however, it will detonate itself, immediately destroy it and cause a game over, regardless of its HP and shield values.


  • Mission 13, Wave 35/35: 2x Precision Air Strike with Accelerating Shield.

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