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The Phase Crystal is a Special Tile in Bloons Monkey City. When attacked, there are 26 rounds, consisting of Bloons of double speed, which include every Bloon up to the Brutal Floating Behemoth, which must be defended against with the help of the Phase Crystal's Bloon Annihilation ability which destroys all nearby Bloons with a decreased cooldown of 12 seconds. Completion of the Tile awards $3500, 1500 XP, and 50 Bloonstones. The Phase Crystal is also required to build the Crystal Fusion Array.
Phase Crystal Track


  • Very often, strong Bloons are sent in the early rounds (such as Ceramics on Round 7). This is likely intentional, to force players to try to time the Phase Crystal's ability correctly.
  • Only one Phase Crystal appears on each Bloons Monkey City map.
  • The Phase Crystal powers the suit of the Robo Monkey, in addition to the Ray of Doom.
  • Generally, MOAB popping power is an unnecessary focus, as the Bloon Annihilation ability can handle groups of stronger bloons due to its speedy recharge and the absence of ZOMGs in the mission.
  • This tile is almost impossible to complete on first try due to the high speed of MOABs, which may actually get past the Phase Crystal unless the the timing of the ability's usage is very lucky.
  • In the Closed Beta, there were 33 rounds, which included ZOMGs, requiring very high skill to beat.

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