Massive Ornary Air Blimp
Massive Ornary Air Blimp Render


Bloons Tower Defense 3
Bloons Tower Defense 4
Bloons Tower Defense 5 (Deluxe)
Bloons Monkey City






Ceramic Bloon


Brutal Floating Behemoth

Lives Lost

536 (BTD3)
613 (BTD4)
616 (BTD5/BMC)

First Wave

37 (BTD3)
46 (BTD4/BTD5)


The Massive Ornary Air Blimp (or MOAB) is the first boss attacker featured in the Bloons Tower Defense series. It has 200 health in every game it appears in (except for its reduced health in Bloons Monkey City) and moves relatively slowly (as fast as a Lead Bloon or Red Bloon). Unless enough lives have been purchased or gained with the Healthy Bananas premium upgrade for the Banana Farm, letting one through results in all lives being depleted. In Bloons Tower Defense 3, it first appears on Round 37, while in BTD4 and BTD5 it first appears on Round 46, and appears again twice on Round 50. Its first wave varies by tile or attack in Bloons Monkey City, though generally it will first appear on Round 18 or 19, though can appear as early as Round 6 and as late as Round 22. Upon being popped, the MOAB releases four Ceramic Bloons.

The Brutal Floating Behemoth releases four MOABs when popped.

Bloons Tower Defense 3Edit

"Beware the M.O.A.B., it's coming next level."

–Round 37

The MOAB first appears in Bloons Tower Defense 3, in which a single MOAB appears on Round 37. More MOABs continue appearing later on in the game, including in Freeplay.

Bloons Tower Defense 4Edit

The MOAB makes its first appearance as a single boss on Round 46, and two appear on Round 50. Another two appear at the end of Round 22 in quick succession.

Bloons Tower Defense 5Edit

The MOAB appears on Round 46, and two appear on Round 50. After Round 52, MOABs will spawn on almost every wave.

MOAB MadnessEdit

In the MOAB Madness special mission, players have $50000 at their disposal to defend against 50 MOABs. This is the first of the two legitimate instances of MOABs on Round 1, the second being the MOAB Graveyard later in the series.

Bloons Monkey CityEdit

Utter MOAB Spam

A MOAB Pack.

The MOAB appears on MOAB and higher tiles. It generally appears on either Round 18 or 19 (though depending on the tile in question, it may appear as early as Round 4), and will appear on almost every Round after. In addition, MOAB Pack tiles will appear, which finish with very large groups of extremely tightly packed MOABs numbering about ten to fifteen.

The MOAB can also be sent in Monkey v Monkey. It is unlocked at Level 18, costing $20000 to research and requiring the Blimp Construction Hangar.

MOAB GraveyardEdit

In the MOAB Graveyard special mission, players have $30000 to defend against an initial round of ten MOABs. This is the second of the two times in the entire Bloons Tower Defense series that the MOAB legitimately appears on Round 1.