MOAB Graveyard Tile
MOAB Graveyard Name Icon
The MOAB Graveyard is a Special Tile in Bloons Monkey City. Players have $30000 to defend against three rounds, which go as listed:

Completion awards $10000, 750 XP and 5000 Bloontonium.

MOAB Graveyard Track


  • The MOAB Graveyard is the first Special Tile in Bloons Monkey City with a definite pattern for attackers. Apart from the Zzzzomg, every other Tile's waves change between instances.
  • Three MOAB Graveyards appear on each map, making it the most common Special Tile.
  • The Bloons' respawn delay is roughly the same as the cooldown for the MOAB Assassin.
  • The MOAB Graveyard is the only Special Tile which awards Bloontonium.
  • In total, 14 BFBs and 66 MOABs appear on a MOAB Graveyard.
  • The MOAB Graveyard is the first Boss Rush encountered in Bloons Monkey City.

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