This page describes major terms within Tower Defence games. This is not a glossary for specific game terms - please look at a game's glossary instead to look at its own terms.


  • Attacker: A classic element of TD games; they try to either reach the end or destroy the base, or otherwise cause the defender to lose.
  • Ability: An activated ability which can help players.


  • Base: A building that must be protected by defences. Its destruction usually results in a game over.


  • Creep: An Attacker.


  • Death: Game over.
  • Defences: Towers that are built by either the player or a computer to protect an objective.


  • End: An objective which attackers try to get to - reaching the end costs the defender a life.


  • Lives: A measurement which determines how many more Attackers can make it to the end before the player loses.


  • Rush: A large group of attackers sent against the defender to make them lose a large number of lives.


  • Spawn: The spawn location of Attackers.


  • Wave: A single group of Attackers sent at once.

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