Divergence Turret Defense

Divergence Turret Defense is a TD game developed by Played Arcade and originally hosted on Free Web Arcade.



Turrets form most of the defences in the game. What makes this game particularly unique is that they are all player-controlled simultaneously using the mouse. The player must also assign the turrets to factories, and can only control one base's turrets at a time (though only one factory will be attacked in each wave). Furthermore, there is a limit to the number of turrets that can be stationed at each base, which can be upgraded between levels.


The enemies are mostly made up of red vehicles. Tanks are the most common units, but other craft also exist in the game.


  • It is important to note that enemies can attack buildings that they are not actively approaching. This is especially important on "Defend The City", Wave 5, where suicide craft can easily destroy Group 2 turrets before reaching Group 1.