Consecrated Ground Tile Icon
Consecrated Ground Name Icon
The Consecrated Ground is a Special Tile in Bloons Monkey City. Players must use Super Monkeys and Monkey Apprentices to beat 10 rounds of Bloons, which include Camo but usually not Regen, and go up to BFBs. Completion awards $5000, 2000 XP, and 100 Bloonstones. The Consecrated Ground Terrain is also required for the Temple Complex.


  • Only one Consecrated Ground tile appears on each Bloons Monkey City map.
  • On the victory screen, the monkey which salutes or cheers (depending on whether lives were lost) and the "You captured a Consecrated Ground tile!" text both overlap the Consecrated Ground's tile icon.
  • Generally, Super Monkeys should used for strong Bloons, while Apprentices should be used exclusively for camo detection.
  • There is a $1000 base bonus per round instead of the usual $100, making it easier to build powerful towers.

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