Canyon Defense 2
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Player Role

Protect the player base

CPU Role

Destroy the player base

Main Defences


Main Attackers

Military vehicles

Unique Features

Player can use abilities, and there are challenges that unlock new defences.

Publication Date

Unknown (please provide)


Canyon Defense







Casual or Hardcore


Canyon Defense 2 is the second game in the Canyon Defense series, which adds lots of new features to the game, along with improved graphics and more Attackers and Defences, including facilities that grant bonuses to nearby towers and abilities.



Initially, the player has access to only two turrets: the Mounted Gun (available from the start of every stage), and the Stun Gun (unlocked by building five Mounted Guns). Others are unlocked by completing challenges and gaining ranks. The Base also has a main cannon capable of reliably finishing off single heavily damaged enemies, but is balanced by a short range (only slightly longer than the reach of most enemies) and a low rate of fire.


The enemies are mainly based on military infantry and vehicles. They get stronger and more numerous in later waves, and can improve in levels of strength. They can also equip shields in later rounds; the shields themselves have different abilities, which range between basic, hard, regenerating, and accelerating.


Abilities are unlocked by constructing certain buildings. The first one is a tactical Air Strike which deals heavy damage to all hostiles within a given radius.

Wave ListEdit

Mission 3Edit

  1. 1 Demolition Man.
  2. 2 Demolition Men.
  3. 1 Squad Soldier.
  4. 2 Squad Soldiers.
  5. 2 Squad Soldiers.
  6. 4 Demolition Men with Basic Shield.
  7. 1 Bomber.
  8. 4 Demolition Men with Hard Shield.
  9. 2 Squad Soldiers, 4 Demolition Men.
  10. 1 Wall Destroyer.

Mission 4Edit

  1. 2 Demoliton Men.
  2. 2 Squad Soldiers.
  3. 3 Squad Soldiers.
  4. 2 Sappers.
  5. 2 Squad Soldiers, 5 Demolition Men.
  6. 3 APCs.
  7. 4 Sappers.
  8. 4 Bombers.
  9. 4 Bombers.
  10. 2 Wall Destroyers.


As the player keeps on winning experience (XP), reaches a new degree which unlocks four new challenges each. From the start, as a Cadet, challenges provide basic defences, structures and abilities. Later on, challenges will become harder to achieve and there will grant specific advantages that can make the difference from completing a level to achieve Perfect rating. A list of challenges are as follows:

Cadet (Base now at level 1)Edit


Unlocked at 1000 XP.


Unlocked at 3000 XP.

  • Destroy 20 shielded flying enemies. Reward: Unlocks AA Laser.
  • Destroy 500 shielded ground enemies. Reward: Unlocks Laser Gun.
  • Destroy 75 bosses. Reward: Unlocks Commander Center.
  • Build 50 walls. Reward: Gates HP +10%.

Mayor (Base is upgraded now to level 2)Edit

Unlocked at 7000 XP.

  • Destroy 15 Jammers. Reward: Unlocks EMP Cannon.
  • Destroy 200 enemies with the Tactical Airstrike ability. Reward: Unlocks Tesla Tower.
  • Build 15 Recycle Centers. Reward: +$100 in the beginning of a mission.
  • Build 200 Support Stations. Reward: Towers HP +10%.

Colonel Edit

Unlocked at 15000 XP.

  • Build 500 basic and/or advanced towers. Reward: Unlocks Ammo Station.
  • Build 30 Tesla Towers and/or EMP Cannons. Reward: Unlocks Weather Center.
  • Destroy 1000 attack waves completely. Reward: Towers fire rate +20%.
  • Build 50 Recon Sations. Reward: Support stations range +10%.

Brigadier Edit

Unlocked at 35000 XP.

  • Restore 15000 HP of structures with Repair. Reward: Unlocks Repair Station.
  • Inflict double damage with Miniguns 2000 times. Reward: Comm, Recon and Ammo Stations grant to towers in range 10% chance to inflict double damage.
  • Use the Overdrive ability 50 times. Reward: All the towers guns rotate 30% faster.
  • Build 1500 structures. Reward: Structures cost -10%.

General (Base is upgraded now to level 3) Edit

Unlocked at 75000 XP.

  • Destroy 2000 shielded enemies. Reward: Structures regenerate HP.
  • Achieve Perfect rating on all the missions. Reward: Halves requirements of all the tasks.
  • Achieve Excellent or Perfect rating on all the missions. Reward: Stun Gun, Shield Station and Air Support Facility are unlocked from the beginning of a mission.
  • Build 20 Repair Stations. Reward: Gates regenerate their HP.
Canyon defense 2. Challenges

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