Bloons Monkey City
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Player Role

Stop attackers reaching the end
Build and expand a settlement

CPU Role

Make the player run out of lives

Main Defences


Main Attackers


Unique Features

Tower-specific abilities, seperate upgrade paths, player vs player

Publication Date

Unknown (please provide)


Bloons TD Battles







Casual or Hardcore


MOAB Camo Assault

Part of a settlement by ZOMG-Class-Bloon.

Bloons Monkey City is the seventh major game in the Bloons Tower Defense series. In it, players must build and expand a settlement for their monkeys, and develop Defences, with the optional objective of attacking other players with Bloons of their own in order to pillage money. In addition, all attacks are randomized, unlike in other games. Bloons Monkey City introduces certain abilities, the ability to create a settlement, and the Dark Dirigible Titan, in addition to a separate set of difficulty ratings.


In order to capture land, players must attack tiles and defend against waves of Bloons. The strongest Bloon is listed, and if the tile is a Camo or Regen Assault, the Bloon shown will have that attribute (blimps will instead have a Camo Green Bloon for Camo Assault or a Regrow Red Bloon for Regen Assault, both with a plus next to the Bloon). The further from the centre, the harder the tile will generally be.

The Bloons Monkey City map is 60 tiles wide and 50 tiles high.

Special TilesEdit

Special Tiles have harder rules than regular tiles. Each has a specific purpose, such as a certain Building, Special Item, or Resource. Most restrict use of towers, though the Sticky Sap Plant and Shipwreck allow all towers. Also, all have a fixed or randomized difficulty regardless of position.

  • Wattle Trees - Complete 25 rounds of Bloons with only Boomerang Throwers and Road Items. A free Boomerang Thrower is given every three rounds. This is generally accepted as the easiest of the Special Tiles.
  • Sticky Sap Plant - Complete 22 rounds of Bloons with any towers. The Sticky Sap Plants have glue around them, and have an ability to glue all bloons on screen. In addition, all bloons give 1/3 of the regular reward for being popped. The difficulty can vary massively at random, sometimes even having rushes akin to Round 63 of Bloons TD5.
  • MOAB Graveyard - Complete 3 rounds of Blimps with $30000 starting cash. With three MOAB Graveyards on a map, this is the most common Special Tile.


Icons follow every Bloon type (barring those mentioned above), as well as special icons for blimps. Each has five circles underneath it representing the relative difficulty to the player's level.

Boss Tile Icons

Terrain TypesEdit

The different terrain types have effects on the Defences available. Each one will (usually) restrict certain Defences, and make other specific towers cheaper.

  • Grasslands - None Restricted, Monkey Ace Favored ($830→$690).



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