Bloons KOTH Season 10
Bloons King of the Hill (abbreviated as BTDB KOTH) is a tournament founded by NinjaKiwi forum user Ryan Zhu for the game Bloons TD Battles. It is currently the largest Bloons Tower Defense series competition, and encourages to "show the skills of the best Bloons King of the Hill players in the world". Bloons King of the Hill is currently managed largely by theprimeone9, tehspeelingpolise, ProAtBattles, KirPikaTendo, Darkatomic, and harrykins. It also features commentator harrykins in later commentaries; he is currently the tournament's main commentator.



  • Minimum of 2000 Battle Score required.
  • One account per player.
  • A Skype or NK Forum account is required.


  • The first fifteen players are noblemen; the number one player at any one point is the King. All noblemen (including the King) are separated into Gold, Silver and Bronze, at a ratio of 3:3:4 (previously 3:5:7) respectively. Players 11-15 are squires, players 16-35 are vassals, and players below that are peasants.
  • When a player joins, they are placed at the bottom of the rankings.
  • To challenge a peasant, they have to be up to 20 spaces above you. To challenge a vassal, they can be up to 10 spaces above. To challenge a nobleman or squire, he can only be five or fewer spaces higher. This places the two in a best of 5 battle.
    • Two players have to wait 3 days after doing battle to challenge each other again.
    • The player can do battle against more than one player at a time.
  • If a player is unable to continue a series for over seven days, they lose.
  • If a player cannot play at all for two weeks, they get moved down seven spaces; if they cannot play for three weeks, they get sent to the bottom.
  • To prevent the above, a player may enter Holiday Mode for 2 days to 6 weeks. The King cannot do this, and players may still go down if players above them get beaten.
  • If the challenger wins, they move to the rank above the defender and the defender gets half of what badge they would normally earn. If the defender wins, then nothing changes to the rankings, but they do get a badge; a Smile for beating a peasant, a Biggrin for beating a vassal and a Cool for beating a nobleman.


  • All regular battles are a best of 5 on Assault Mode; battles against the King are a best of 7.
  • The first map is currently Zen Garden. The player who lost the last match picks the next map; repeats are not allowed until every map has been cycled through. In the event of a Draw, the player who didn't pick the previous map picks the next map. If game 1 is a draw, the challenger picks the next map.
  • Four towers only; no spying and/or hacking.
  • A player may request for a screenshot to prove that the rules are being followed, but only before the match starts. This means one at the beginning and one at the end of the match. Failure to comply will result in a forfeit of the match, but this is only mandatory if asked for.
  • Players can agree to a draw on equal lives, but this still counts as a match.
  • Matches go up to Round 37. On Round 38, the player with more lives wins; otherwise, if lives are tied, there will be a draw. This is to prevent the "battle of the PC lag" phenomenon.
  • If a player disconnects from a game, the survivor can choose to claim the victory; otherwise, the players can either rematch or give the victory to the person most likely to have won normally.
  • No ice stalling or mass use of the Blade Maelstrom ability or similar abilities to create lag.

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