Bloonarius the Inflator
Bloonarius the Inflator


Bloons Monkey City


4000 + (2000 * level)


Very Slow


Dark Dirigible Titan



Lives Lost

First Wave


Bloonarius Icon
Bloonarius the Inflator only appears during a Special Event in Bloons Monkey City. It is a boss with increasing health depending on its level, which increases by 1 each time it is defeated. It is the first boss in the game with a Health Bar. In addition, every time the player fails to defeat it, it will respawn with reduced health.

Bloons Monkey CityEdit

Bloonarius starts with 6000 health at Level 1, gaining 2000 more for each level after that. It moves at a tenth of the speed of a Red Bloon. It is not treated as a MOAB-class Bloon, but still takes full damage from MOAB Maulers, doubled damage from MOAB-SHREDR Spikes and 375 damage rather than 750 from MOAB Assassin missiles. It generates money when hit, granting $1 for every hit point of damage dealt to it.

It also spawns Bloons when it reaches a quarter, half, or three quarters of health:

Bloonarius stops spawning Bloons after Level 20.

A commonly used strategy is to spam boats with the Grape Shot upgrade.

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