Basic Towers are a type of Defence, and appear in a variety of TD games, most notably the Canyon Defense series. At least one is available right from the start.

Canyon DefenseEdit

Canyon Defense 2Edit

Mounted Gun

  • Available from the start.
  • Level 2 (Dual MG): Destroy 40 infantry units.
  • Level 3 (Minigun): Build 3 ammo stations.
  • Anti-Ground.

AA Tower


  • Destroy 30 ground enemies.
  • Destroy 60 ground enemies.
  • Destroy 120 ground enemies.
  • Anti-Ground.

Missile Turret

  • Build 10 Advanced Towers
  • destroyed 20 units with airstrike
  • destroyed 50 units with air strikes
  • Anti-Ground, or Anti-Ground/Air if Level 2.

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